Is this the future of motorcycles?

With technology racing ahead at Valentino Rossi pace there have never been so many incredible two-wheeled machines to choose from.

But what does the future hold for motorbikes? Does it involve SuperChargers and if so, does it look something like this?

Are SuperChargers the future of motorcycles? Watch this and see what you think. 

Tell us how you feel about SuperChargers in the comments and let us know what you think will be the next big thing in bikes.

Where do you stand on the electric motorcycle revolution? Are you ready to switch to an electric bike or are there still some concerns holding you back? Tell us in the comments.


Battery powered bikes will no doubt be the long term future but the batteries at the present time are not good enough for what is needed and are still some years away from that so for the present time i think that superchargers are the best answer and i am surprised that it is taking the motorcycle industry so long to use them.
Not only will they help emissions and power but also fuel consumption as well.
We need not only kawasaki H2 type machines but more light weight 650 twins with electronic controlled variable vane supercharging to give around 130bhp but with wide spread torque and a weight around 170kg or as low as possible. The electronics are already capable of controlling outputs when required.
Superchargers and turbos are used on almost all cars now and the motorcycle industry needs to catch up and develop a smaller sized boost of its own design better suited to bikes this is inevitably going to be small better controlled superchargers and we need them today.

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