Everything you need to know about the 2019 Ninja ZX-10R range

Find out the exact differences between each Kawasaki ZX-10R models here.

Ninja Zx-10RR

In 2019 Kawasaki has not one, not two, but three ZX-10R models! And figuring out the difference between them all is baffling, something which caught out a simpleton like me when I road tested ZX10-RR yesterday. 

So to clear everything up, here’s a quick low down of all the subtle differences between them.  

Check out this interactive video which explains all:

ZX-10R KRT Replica: £14,499

The base model shares its technology with the other models, including the Bosch IMU and Traction Control Package.

All the electronics you could possibly desire on a modern litre bike including cornering ABS, and engine braking control are present on the KRT Replica, which comes in hella handy if you happen to overcook your favorite bend (we’ve all been there).

Other features:   

ZX-10R SE: £19,149

  • Electronic front and rear Showa developed suspension: Jointly developed with Showa, Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS) adds electronically controlled real-time damping to the high-spec Balance Free Front Fork and BFRC lite (Balance Free Rear Cushion) rear shock - Offers both the suppleness to handle a wide range of street riding situations and the firm damping needed for circuit riding.

  • KECS ECU: Built-in stroke sensors on both the fork and rear shock – a feature unique to the Ninja ZX-10R SE – provide real-time stroke speed and compression information

  • Marchesini forged wheels (reduced moment of inertia for lighter handling)

  • New Highly Durable paint features a special coat that allows scratches to 'repair themselves'

ZX-10 RR: £21,199

  • Marchesini forged wheels (even lighter than SE)

  • Akrapovic exhaust (performance edition)

  • Single seat cowl

  • The engine has lighter Pankl titanium connecting rods (wider rev limit faster revving - contributes to a further 1 PS gain in peak power and reduces inertia for better handling)

  • Only 500 made for WSBK homologation

  • Machined “RR” logo engraved into the pulser cover helps distinguish the Ninja ZX-10RR from the crowd

  • Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres

  • Front and rear suspension settings to compliment single-seat specification, Marchasini wheels and Supercorsa tyres - ensures smooth weight transfer during deceleration and acceleration on the circuit.