Yamaha launches MyRide app for all riders

Downloadable app sits on your phone and records how mad your ride was

Yamaha MyRide app

Yamaha's just announced a new free app for Apple and Android smartphones, which lets riders track and store information on any ride. Available to all bikers - not just Yamaha owners - the app lets you analyse detailed info about all your rides, including speed, braking force, lean angles, route taken, elevation, etc etc. Then, you can share great riding routes with friends and other MyRide users, using the .GPX navigation file format. 

"By storing detailed information about riding style and destination," says Yamaha, "MyRide gives users the power to refine, enhance and improve their riding skills and get more out of every trip. Riders can keep details of every motorcycle they ride or test - and they are able to check out many new routes by downloading other MyRide users' GPX files."

Sounds good - although we wouldn't necessarily want to be handing our phones over to any cops after a 'spirited' commute, with the app storing all the details...

The app is available to download now on the Apple App Store or Google Play.