Gasoline Motor Bonneville-based Scrambler

Custom Scrambler from rum pushers and tattoo people Sailor Jerry

Gasoline Motor Bonneville-based Scrambler

Triumph's stock Scrambler was brought to life in 2006 and spawned a whole host of copies from other manufacturers.

Based on the Bonneville, the Scrambler was factory-tinkered to look cool and able to carry-out some modest off-roading. But the production bike just wasn't enough for some, so customs have popped up from everywhere, including this from Down Under, commissioned by tattoo people and rum pushers Sailor Jerry.

It began life as a standard 2008 Bonnie and wheeled into the workshop of Gasoline Motors in Sydney, where it was stripped to its bare bum and engine.

A new seat and subframe complete with LED-lights were bolted on and the wide wheels mated to the original hubs were next. New shocks give the bike more ride height and wider bars were added for more Dungeyness to which a BMW headlight is nailed.

The motor benefits from a new high-flow air filters as the airbox was skipped and twin wheelbarrow 'zorsts for a bit more zip and lip. The tank is all new from Retroline and a second one has been painted by tattoo purveyor Rhys Gordon.