WATCH: Trucker helps stranded biker on American freeway

The friendly trucker does the decent thing while other road users ignore the danger the rider is in

WE’VE JUST found this clip, posted earlier this year, showing what appears to be a female biker having bike trouble in the middle of a five-lane freeway!

She’s only saved when a knight in shining hi-viz comes to her aid and positions his truck directly behind the stranded bike. With the truck providing vital cover from the fast-moving, and sometimes frustrated, traffic, the driver of the truck opens his window and shouts to the rider to begin moving over to the shoulder.

It isn’t clear if the bike is out of fuel or if the failure is more terminal. What we do know is that the rider still has the option of paddling the bike across the three lanes of speeding traffic and off the side of the road to (relative) safety.

With the large truck shadowing her every move the rider is quickly out of harms reach. A quick thumbs up from the weary traveller to the helpful HGV gives the signal for the trucker to move on to the rest of his journey.

In today’s world of doom, gloom, bike theft and Brexit, isn’t it nice to have a good news story to brighten your day?