Weddings banned in the South of France because of wheelieing revellers

Marseille mayors have had enough of the 'urban rodeos'

NO, YOU DIDN’T read that wrong…

Wedding celebrations getting out of control in Marseille has become such an issue that the mayors from four of the city’s arrondissements have decided to ban the happy occasions altogether.

According to France Bleu, Yves Moraine, mayor of the 6th and 8th arrondissements, and Sabine Bernasconi, mayor of the 1st and 7th arrondissements, are refusing to let weddings take place in their jurisdictions because they generally result in what the French call ‘urban rodeos’.

These rodeos are the post-ceremony celebrations which see convoys of young men perform daredevil stunts on motorbikes, blocking roads and putting other citizens at risk.

As a result, the two mayors have announced that they will refuse to allow weddings in their prefectures, if any of the participants have previously been involved in illegal celebrations...