WATCH Keanu Reeves on an Arch Motorcycle racing across the desert

Keanu Reeves has been helping with the audio recording for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game by lending the team his Arch Motorcycle for recording

Arch Method 143

KEANU REEVES is a man that really doesn’t need much persuading to go for a ride on a motorcycle. Be it riding at Goodwood, or following the Isle of Man TT – if there is one Hollywood A-lister that is more a motorcycle fan than any other, it’s Mr Reeves.

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He’s that much of a petrol head in fact, he decided, with the help of custom motorcycle legend Gard Hollinger, to set up a motorcycle company. That much we all know but did you know he’s also appearing as the lead in one of 2020s most highly anticipated computer games – Cyberpunk 2077.

It’s a future based role play game and while that may not interest most of you, the co-star of the game most certainly will. It’s a future glance at how motorcycle could look in the year 2077. And obviously, it’s based on one of Arch’s feet-forward performance cruisers.

But rather than simply entrusting a team of computer programmers to create the audio track for the game, Reeves and Hollinger decided to lend the game a little more authenticity in the form of the Arch Method 143 concept motorcycle.

Keanu Reeves recording the audio for Cyberpunk 2077

In the video above you can see the team covering one of the bikes in an assortment of microphones and recording devices, hurtling across the Californian desert to record the glorious sound of the S&S 2,334cc engine.

While the bike isn't the same as the one portrayed in the game, the team that built the in-game bike used Method 143 as the inspiration for the bike Reeves' character rides in the new game.  

Volume up and enjoy it!