VTR Motorrad Turns an R 1300 GS Into a Track Weapon

VTR Motorrad has turned a BMW R 1300 GS into a supermoto-style track racer


It hasn’t taken long after the bike's official launch for custom shops and tuning houses to take a fresh look at BMW’s latest (and quite possibly greatest) adventure touring bike.

And while the majority of the specials will be biased towards the adventurous side of life, some are looking at the new R 1300 GS as a more performance-focused, track-biased machine.

One such machine (thought to be the first custom build based on the model) has been revealed by the Swiss custom bike builder VTR Motorrad, which has chosen to use the latest generation R 1300 GS and turned it into a supermoto-style track weapon. 

The bike, called the R 1301, rolls on forged aluminium wheels with a 19-inch upfront and a 17-inch at the rear. Both ends are shod with sporty Metzeler Sportec M9 RR tyres. Sharpening up the style of the bike, the handguards and mirrors have been deleted, while the front mudguard has also been trimmed down and shortened. On the equipment front, the R 1301 gains an Akrapovic end can while the whole exhaust system is wrapped with heat-resistant material.

The whole bike is finished off with a custom paint job featuring BMW ‘M’ colours complete with VTR and R 1301 graphics. The final element of the bike is a supermoto-style seat which RideApart says has been created by the Swiss saddle maker Yves Knobel.

If you are looking to add the R 1301 to your collection in 2024, you’d better have deep pockets! The entire custom build is reported to be coming in at 15,000 Swiss francs (around £13,000), and that’s on top of the bike's £15,990 base price. That’s a fair price to pay for what is effectively some deleted parts, a paint job and an end can!

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