Tom Cruise blows £50k on a Vyrus

Movie star invests in custom-made Bimota spin off

IF YOU'RE worth around £150m, then splashing out £50,000 on a custom-made motorcycle is hardly going to dent the coffers.

And splashing out is exactly what Cruise has done, by buying a Vyrus 985 C3 4V, a crazy bike that's a fallout from the always deranged Bimota concept house.

Normally on Visordown we wouldn't give Tom Cruise the time of day but it's the bike he's bought that we're interested in.

The bike is pure porn and deserves space on Visordown no matter who's bought one. Well-aged journo Alan Cathcart has ridden one, but, much like all his road tests, you end up finding out a lot about his love for the English language but can't actually work out what the bike's like to ride.

Another incarnation of the Vyrus

Vyrus is an exclusive Italian motorcycle manufacturer based in Rimini, Italy. They're so specialist, they make Bimota look like Honda.

Vyrus initially worked alongside Bimota on the development of the Tesi motorcycle and its hub-center steering centre. They split from the firm and finished the development, marketing the bike as their own.

Currently they have two models: 984 C3 2V and 985 C3 4V, both using one-litre Ducati engines. The 984 has a V-twin 2-valve Ducati engine which develops a claimed 90bhp. The 985 has V-twin 4-valve Ducati engine which develops a claimed 150bhp. That's more like it.