Suzuki invites you to join TT celebrations

Suzuki plans a big event for all to enjoy at TT

Suzuki XR695 ... rub yourself against it at Suzuki's TT party

SUZUKI Sunday kicks off on June 3rd at the Castletown Golf Links Hotel on the Isle of Man to celebrate the TT's centenary year.

With a host of A-list Suzuki celebrities in attendance, Suzuki Sunday welcomes the legendary riders that have become synonymous with the iconic Japanese brand.

Joining fans to celebrate will be; 1993 World 500cc Grand Prix Champion Kevin Schwantz, Japan's only ever TT winner Mitsuo Ito, as well as British legends such as Graeme Crosby, Chris Walker, John Reynolds, and the Relentless Suzuki by Tas Team riders of Bruce Anstey, Adrian Archibald and Ian Lowry.

As well as the vast array of Suzuki riders, the Golf Links Hotel will play host to an entertainment schedule that includes, a Bandit 1250 stunt rider display, a live band, the Relentless chill-out lounge (with refreshments and games), a merchandise area, dyno testing, and a hog roast and barbeque.

Suzuki has opened this offer to everyone, and wants you to join in at one of the Islands most tranquil locations! As well as the iconic riders, a host of classic Suzuki race machines will be on display too, as well as a pre-production example of Suzuki's B-King.

Suzuki Sunday is free to enter, and runs from 10.00 " 15.30 on Sunday June 3rd.

For more information, check out The first 1000 attendees will receive a limited edition Suzuki Sunday T-shirt.