Taylor Mackenzie walks us through his racing career, and why he’s retiring at 28

In a really insightful and honest video, Taylor Mackenzie describes the snakes and ladders of racing as he walks us through his career.

Taylor Mackenzie career recap

Uploaded to his YouTube channel, Taylor Mackenzie gives us an incredibly honest and insightful look into the world of a motorcycle racer. The trials and tribulations of being in the upper echelons of two-wheeled racing, if you will.

Not bragging about his career, or a sop story by any means, he just wanted to describe his path in racing - starting as the son of racing legend Niall Mackenzie (3x BSB champ) taken to all of the paddocks from day 1. Covering every year with every team, barring one fiery year that he happily skips past...

From his early days getting his knee down at a mini-moto go-kart track, to his final race before announcing his retirement, this is a truly intriguing look into the world of a professional racer. 

Watch here: Taylor Mackenzie - Retired at 28

We often see the spoils of those on top, but this is a tale of someone who clearly has the pace and guile to be on top on his day - but if plagued by injuries, accidents or on a bike that isn’t a match for them, an entire career can turn on its head. 

Searching for a ride for the next season, every season. Having to be willing to pay for your chance to prove your talent. Avoiding injury and staying in peak condition to get the best out of every lap.

You don’t often get such a no-holds-barred look at the life of a racer, the inherent stress and constant worries that will lurk around every corner. Or as Taylor puts it, the snakes on the board that can take you back to square one. 

What next for Taylor Mackenzie?

What’s next? It seems like he’s got a few options, he’s had gigs with Triumph in the past, he’s obviously extremely talented on two wheels - and there’s always an option out there for someone with such skill. Maybe he can show us Visordown lads around track!

Elsewhere in the Mackenzie family, his brother Tarran was just last weekend crowned BSB champion for 2021 with McAMS Yamaha after a thrilling Showdown finale. But you’d know that! If you want a recap, read the latest on our BSB page

Rumour has it, Tarran is eyeing up a WorldSBK move for 2022. But we wonder what's in store for Taylor?

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