Suzuki riders the angriest, says survey

Followed by Harley and Triumph riders, according to road rage survey
Suzuki riders the angriest, says survey

SUZUKI riders experience the highest levels of road rage followed closely by owners of Harleys and then Triumphs, according to a survey.

A thousand riders were asked to assign a road rage score from 0-10 to a series of notional scenarios such as drivers texting at the wheel.

Suzuki riders typically assigned higher levels of rage to the scenarios than owners of other bikes, earning an ‘average road rage score’ of 71%.

Harley riders scored 68.7% and Triumph riders 67%.

The survey, by dealer chain Jennings Harley Davidson, also found the thing that angered riders most was drivers texting, with a score or 86.5%, following by ‘bike blindness’ on 83.2% and ‘getting cut up’ at 82.5%.

Jennings Harley Davidson director Sohail Khan said: “We wanted to highlight the fears that many motorcyclists have around riding on the road, and the ignorance that often comes with motorcyclists’ safety. It was important for us to show the severity of their fears amongst sharing the road with car drivers.”