Suzuki riders the angriest, says survey

Followed by Harley and Triumph riders, according to road rage survey

SUZUKI riders experience the highest levels of road rage followed closely by owners of Harleys and then Triumphs, according to a survey.

A thousand riders were asked to assign a road rage score from 0-10 to a series of notional scenarios such as drivers texting at the wheel.

Suzuki riders typically assigned higher levels of rage to the scenarios than owners of other bikes, earning an ‘average road rage score’ of 71%.

Harley riders scored 68.7% and Triumph riders 67%.

The survey, by dealer chain Jennings Harley Davidson, also found the thing that angered riders most was drivers texting, with a score or 86.5%, following by ‘bike blindness’ on 83.2% and ‘getting cut up’ at 82.5%.

Jennings Harley Davidson director Sohail Khan said: “We wanted to highlight the fears that many motorcyclists have around riding on the road, and the ignorance that often comes with motorcyclists’ safety. It was important for us to show the severity of their fears amongst sharing the road with car drivers.”


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Well, the site refresh is a little uninspiring. However, what we need is content.

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It looks better when you carve out the crap.... thank goodness for scripting.

...and oh dear god, can't even have images in the comments now...

I'd be interested to see the stats before and after the makeover but wouldn't be that shocked to find you've lost quite a few. I'm barely hanging on myself.

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.. oh and no comment editing either... WTF.

Forums are still full of spam, those that's those dead. If you don't want us here, just shut down the site, it'd be less dramatic than slowly killing it off, but at least it'd be over and done with. :/

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Totally agree! The site went down the drain basically overnight. Whoever decided to turn the site into this ugly mess should be fired on the spot.

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The sight got much worse. No new articles, full of commercials and completely cluttered.

... only came back out of morbid interest. Glad 2 weeks away and I didn't miss any 'news'.
New look, Old content.... but free.

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Their survey size was apparently 1000 (I doubt it), which gives a 3.16% margin of error, rendering their conclusions statistically non-significant.

If you're feeling unreasonable rage about this pedantry, don't worry, that's perfectly modal.

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Well, given how poor Suzuki's model refresh rate is it's not wonder Suzuki riders are angry. They must have an inferiority complex...

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Suzuki won how many endurance contests over the last 20 years? The bikes hold up amazingly well. The rest, electronic gadgets and crap and useless 20hp on the top end, you can keep that stuff.


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