Ronnie Pickering 'not going on Celebrity Big Brother'

Who says they don't approach real celebrities? It's Ronnie Pickering!
Ronnie Pickering 'not going on Celebrity Big Brother'

RONNIE ‘One Punch’ Pickering is making headlines again after taking to Facebook to announce he will not be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, so stop asking (had many people asked?)
Pickering, who shot to fame last year after demanding ‘Do you know who I am?’ of a baffled scooter rider, says he’s not interested because the reality show will not pay £1 million to charity.
The former amateur boxer wrote on his Facebook page today: ‘Well I have made my mind up and I will not be going in Celebrity Big Brother. The only way I would go in the house is for a million pound for charity and that ain’t gunna happen so that’s the end of that. So can you all be so kind and please stop asking.’
Visordown has added punctuation and capital letters where appropriate.
Going viral losing his rag on YouTube doesn’t seem to have mellowed Pickering, whose status update continued: ‘F**k me there’s some f…ing muppets out there thinking there [sic] hard c...ts giving it large on a keyboard. All they are is a big long streak of dog's p**s.’
The Hull man, who was driving his car when he launched into a tirade against the scooter rider, challenging him to a ‘bare knuckle fight’, appears to take some flak on his Facebook page.
Recent comments on his timeline include ‘Let's have a bare knuckle fight then’ and ‘Do you know who I am?’ as well as ‘Ronnie Pickering!’