Suzuki Misano transforms motorcycle DNA into four wheel roadster

The evocatively titled Suzuki Misano is the result of a design study that attempts to transform's firm's motorcycle DNA into a four-wheel roadster

Suzuki Misano Concept

Hold up, hold up, before you click away thinking Visordown has done the unthinkable and - shudder - branched out into four-wheel reporting, just pause a moment because while this may be a new car from Suzuki, it (insisis it) has motorcycle DNA coursing through its veins.

This is the Suzuki Misano, a name that alone conjures up some immediate visions of Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha et al. MotoGP machines jostling for position on the Adriatic-located race circuit with which it shares its name,

It is the latest concept car from the Japanese firm and while it may have two more wheels on its wagon than you might care for, Suzuki goes to great lengths to assure this is a model that has been inspired by its motorcycling heritage. 

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Whichever way you look at it, it’s an unusual take on the traditional concept of a car. A design thesis project from 24 students at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Torino with backing from Suzuki, the MIsano offers a 1+1 tandem seating position, with the space to the right of the driver and passenger saved for a small trunk and a small battery pack.

As if to push the motorcycle theme, the Misano is designed to be open to the elements as you would be if you were riding one, so you get a better sensation from the rush of speed. 

Moreover., its “barchetta” (boat in Italian) approach means no roof, while it pays lip service to the notion of a windscreen in much the same way some less practical two-wheelers do.

Moreover, we can see a touch of the Hayabusa in the front-end arrangement, not least the use of orange-bronze that was liberally splashed on the latest generation model.

We don’t know what the Misano is packing under the bonnet (wherever it is) but the aforementioned battery pack would suggest it is an EV. Which is a shame because for a moment we were pondering whether the venerable 190PS, 1340cc engine might have found its way into a lightweight sportscar in a similar vein to the Suzuki GSX-R/4 concept roadster.

Back then the GSX-R/4 - titled so as to leave little doubt of its origins - wowed LA Motor Show goers in 2001 with its purported 181mph top speed in a featherweight 640kg body, but remained at the conception stage.

Still, if the Hayabusa was to suddenly sprout two more wheels, we reckon it could do a lot worse than step out looking like this slinky thing...