Top 10 BEST A2 motorcycles on the market right now for 2021 | VIDEO

You have an A2 motorcycle licence in your hand and some money to spend on a new machine... but which of an impressive array should you choose?

Top 10 A2 Licence Compliant Motorcycles UK 2021

It has been a busy year so far for everyone here at Visordown bringing you the reviews of several high-profile, high-power motorcycles such as the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa and new Kawasaki ZX-10R.

However, big BHP figures aren’t necessarily what the vast majority of punters are in the market when it comes to laying down a deposit, which is why arguably the light-to-middleweight market carries, well, more weight when it comes to manufacturers.

Many will be familiar - and in possession of - an A2 licence, which affords you the opportunity to step onto a motorcycle with a max power output of 47bhp. 

For some this will be the next stage in stepping up from a 125 or 250, or for others getting their hands on a practical, affordable and reliable motorcycle that will get them from A2-B (geddit?).

Ignoring the negative connotations that come with the word ‘restricted’, there are a wealth of excellent options for those with an A2 licence in the market for something brand new across all major segments, from sportsbike to roadster to even quasi-hardcore adventuring.


For the purpose of this list we have compiled the 10 Best A2 standard-compliant motorcycles on the market, in that they are fresh-off-the-rack without any post-production tinkering to adjust the horses down to meet that 47bhp bar.

However, if you can afford something a touch more premium and don’t mind it being revised down, there are a number of motorcycles available to you. These include;

  • Aprilia RS 660

  • Triumph Trident 660

  • Ducati Monster

  • Kawasaki 650 range

  • Suzuki SV650

  • Yamaha MT-07