Suzuki GSX-8S ‘Team Suzuki’ Pack Announced

The GSX-8S Team Suzuki Pack includes graphics that replicate the Hamamatsu brand’s racing machines, although if you want one, there is a catch…


Suzuki France isn’t going to let the brand’s withdrawal from most major racing series stop it from having some fun, as the new GSX-8S Team Suzuki is announced.

It follows the theme of some other notable specials from our neighbours across the channel, namely the V-Strom 800 DE Rally Editon, the GSX-S1000 Race Edition, and the already-available GSX-8S Sert Edition. Like each of those bikes, the new Team Suzuki takes a stock bike, plasters on a swanky new colour scheme inspired by the firm’s racing exploits, and then adds a smattering of accessory parts to sweeten the deal.

The most easily noticed feature is the graphics, and the sticker kit for this bike has been designed and created alongside the APX Factory workshop. It’s designed to work on both the blue and black variants of the middleweight naked, and it actually works quite well on either machine.

Further to the sticker kit, Suzuki France has also delved into the add-ons catalogue and is including a neat little tail tidy, belly pan, pillion seat cowl and a USB socket in with the kit. For a slightly more sleek look, Suzuki France highlights that LED indicators, a windscreen and frame protection pads could also be added to further enhance the styling.

As has been the case with these bikes in the past, it’s not something Suzuki UK is currently running and the pack of parts and the sticker kit is only available via our French neighbours. It’s priced at €999 excluding fitting.

More information can be found on the official website.