45,000 bikers descend on the Nürburgring for 25th "Anlassen" Service

This year’s event at the Nürburgring was so big the organisers had to open up the paddock and start-finish straight to squeeze them all in!

45,000 bikers descend on the Nürburgring for 25th "Anlassen" Service

Marking the 25th anniversary of the ‘Anlassen’ motorcycle service, a record-breaking 45,000 motorcyclists made the journey to the Nürburgring from all corners of Europe.

So big was this year’s gathering, that the event organiser had to open the paddock area of the famous track, dubbed the ‘Green Hell’ by F1 driver Jackie Stewart, and a section of the one-mile main straight.

The event carried with it a religious note and included an ecumenical church service with music in the paddock, held by Pastor Kohnz and Pastor Wink. The highlight of the day saw all 45,000 bikers taking to the hallowed asphalt for a parade lap, although not before all of the riders received a blessing at the aforementioned service.

Aside from that, the day was all about the bikes, and there were chances for youngsters to try their hand at riding a motorcycle, as well as food and drink, while displays from ADAC and presentations and demonstrations from the Rhineland-Palatinate state police and the German Red Cross gave the punters something to watch. There was also a chance to go behind the scenes at the venue’s expansive medical centre. Bikers could also test the performance of their bike on the Polo stand, finally putting to bed the pub banter around which person’s bike was the most powerful.

As the season-opening bike event at ‘The ‘Ring’, the "Anlassen" Service precedes multiple two-wheeled events at the track, including the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM), the ADAC/DMC Race Weekend, and the "Kölner Kurs", a series of further two-wheel highlights that are scheduled at the Nürburgring this year.