Stolen motorcycle fitted with tracker helps bust 'chop shop'

Stolen Motorcycle Recovery London tracked a stolen motorbike down only to find it stored in a ‘commercial-grade chop shop’.  

motorcycle chop shop

After receiving a request from someone to track down their BMW motorcycle, Stolen Motorcycle Recovery London (SMRL) managed to locate the machine - along with a few others... 

The motorcycle in question was a BMW S1000RR - luckily fitted with a Biketrac GPS module - and it was recovered completely intact. 

It was found in an industrial estate near the Isle of Dogs, East London. However, at first, the bike could not be spotted, so SMRL called the police to assist in the investigation. 

Luckily, together they managed to sniff the bike out, literally, as they found an abandoned office space which stank of petrol. 

After gaining entry, the group stumbled across what they described as a: “fully functioning commercial-grade chop shop”. This was the first time SMRL has come across such an operation. 

Amongst the scattered frames and bodywork, where numerous suspected stolen and confirmed stolen motorcycles, including: 

  • 1 x BMW S1000RR recovered intact

  • 1 x Triumph 1050 seized for a vehicle examiner to inspect

  • 1 x Yamaha R6 seized for a vehicle examiner to inspect

  • 1 x Honda moped recovered for the owner (confirmed stolen)

  • - 3 x frames: 1, belonging to a bike confirmed as stolen 10 days ago, the other 2 have had the VIN numbers removed

The value of the find, according to the Daily Mail, is around £75,000. Personally, this sounds a little high. Regardless, it’s a great result for SMRL and the owners reunited with their pride and joys. 

Unfortunately, no justice has been dished out yet, as (surprise, surprise) the owner of the unit didn’t hang about for a chat after the police and SMRL entered. Upon their swift exit, they left a mobile phone, a few bags of weed, and a large machete… each of which has been taken into police evidence. 

Let’s hope the police can track the perpetrator(s) down.

It’s also worth mentioning that SMRL commended the swift actions of the Metropolitan Police in helping them find the stolen BMW, saying: 

“We often moan about the Met but in this instance, they were faultless! A big pat on the back from us Metropolitan Police Service and thank you for assisting us!”