Prolific Bristol-based motorcycle thief caught and sentenced

A man from Bristol has been sentenced to several years in jail after committing a string of motorcycle related crimes  

Police motorcycle

Tyreece Ancel, 18, from Lockleaze, appeared in Bristol Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday 29 October) charged with multiple motorbike and vehicle theft-related offences.

Mr Ancel would often film his crimes of stealing and joy riding motorcycles and post it on social media. He has been sentenced to 7 years in prison. 

After he had amused himself - at the detriment to innocent others - Ancel would often destroy a significant number of motorbikes and cars from victims in Bristol. 

Ancel admitted to 33 offences which took place across a 3 year period (2016 to 2019). They range from conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to steal - 17 burglaries/16 theft of a motor vehicle. 

Ancel was arrested last June 28 on suspicion of a motorbike theft. After police searched the property he was living they found a high-value mountain bike [previously stolen], and evidence of Ancel committing a number of offences he has since been charged with.

I mean come on, filming yourself committing a crime then keeping the evidence… not the smartest cookie. At least he made the investigation easier for police. 

Police Constable Kevin Webb said: “This is a really significant result for Operation Remedy and we are delighted that such a serial offender is off the streets of Bristol.

“We understand Ancel was a key part of a criminal group responsible for many of these crimes and our message to his associates or anyone considering committing similar offences is clear; this will not be tolerated and we will use all resources available to us to apprehend criminals.”

Should Mr Ancle’s sentence be harsher?

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