Sir Bradley Wiggins rides on a motorcycle at the Tour de France

Former competitor Sir Bradley Wiggins rejoins the Tour de France - this time on the back of a motorcycle.

Bradley Wiggins.

It’s been confirmed that former 2012 Tour winner Sir Bradley Wiggins hopped aboard the rear of a motorcycle at the Tour de France peloton.

Wiggins, who retired from professional racing in 2016 has made a dramatic return to the Tour as an expert pundit for a revamped EuroSport team. 

The cycling superstar shows no fear, accurately describing the race behind him as he hustles through the stunning French countryside (a bit quicker than normal) - as a pillion passenger.  

On his new adrenaline-fueled job at the Tour de France 2019, Wiggins said: “This is going to be a whole new experience for me and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m going to be right in the thick of things, giving fans something a little different. I think it’s going to be really exciting.”

And what’s more, is it looks like we’re going to see more pillion riding from Wiggins as EuroSport senior director of production has said: “We are continually exploring new innovations to provide further insight to the fan. Bradley’s new role will bring an extra element to our coverage and allow viewers to enjoy a truly immersive experience.

“We are committed to powering people’s passions and this couple with every stage broadcast live and in full will deliver our most comprehensive coverage ever.”

Pretty cool stuff, and hats off to Wiggo for getting fully stuck in! I wonder if this experience will inspire him to one day take the reigns for himself? 

Either way, can you imagine how fun it would be being razzed around by one of the expert motorcycle riders at the Tour? Those dudes look like they know their sh*t. 

However, one thing not confirmed is whether or not he was riding aboard the Yamaha Niken - which is the official Tour de France support bike till around 2021. 

Regardless, Sir Bradley, you get more and more legendary by the day, keep up the awesome work. And welcome to the bikers club.