But how? Marc Marquez defies the laws of physics. Again.

Marc Marquez

The call the greatest MotoGP riders ‘aliens’ for reasons we don’t need to explain here but in Marc Marquez, we have a Roswell special of an alternative lifeform based on what he can do with a motorbike.

Little fazes the Spaniard it seems, not least tipping his Repsol Honda MotoGP bike into a corner at full lean angle, a maximum benchmark that he just keeps improving incrementally like a pole vaulter nudging the bar up a centimetre at a time. 

Having already tipped a 65-degree angle at high-speed Mugello, Marquez recorded an outrageous 66-degrees in practice for the German MotoGP at the Sachsenring, an achievement given how famously stressful the track is on the edge of the tyre.

Indeed, it is quickly becoming an event-by-event challenge for Marquez to push the envelope a little further, though the man himself insists he has to do this to compensate for the bike's set-up.

"If you check a little bit this year, we are using a lot of banking, too much. And the reason why we are using so much banking is because the bike is not turning.

"So then I use all this banking not because it's my riding style, not because I like it, but because I need to. We are trying to find more turning by [modifying] the chassis

One day Marquez may need to be donated to science to find out the answer to a lot of ‘how’ questions, but in the meantime just enjoy watching this…