Scottish government produces cool bike safety video

Inspiring stuff, that doesn't bang on about speeding. Whatever next?

Scottish rider safety campaign
Scottish rider safety campaign

PLENTY OF government safety videos end up with a bit of a hectoring tone, and just bang on about speed as if that's the only thing that counts. But this video from the Scottish government takes a slightly different tack, trying to make riders think a bit more about their surroundings when riding on the spectacular roads round the country.

The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.

It's filmed on the awesome A82 to Glencoe, and points out all the possible dangers you might come across, and encourages riders to think more about them when riding on breathtaking roads. It also mentions the famous Scottish midge fly now and again... It's well worth a wee watch.


The film is part of an overall safety campaign aimed at riders in Scotland, which is actually full of decent roads, advice, and more inspiring films. Check it out here.


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