Ride to Work Wet

Skies open on day one of annual Ride to Work Week
Ride to Work Wet

RIDE to Work Week got underway today - as parts of the country experienced the wettest weather since autumn 2015.

On day one of the annual initiative to encourage commuting by bike, most parts of the UK woke up to heavy rain, with the Met Office forecasting more downpours later in the week.

London commuters endured torrential downpours while an inch of rain fell in Devon this morning.

The Anglia region has just experienced its wettest week since October 2015, with an average total rainfall across the region of 1.4 inches in seven days, and as much as 3.5 inches in some areas.

Ride to Work Week encourages motorcyclists to use their bike for daily travel and ‘show just how enjoyable their daily commute is’.

The Motorcycle Industry Association-backed initiative aims to highlight the time and money-saving benefits of commuting by bike, as well as the simple fun of riding.

Let’s hope the weather hasn't dampened the spirits of those planning to take part. Did you brave the downpours by bike this morning?