Yamaha to discontinue two models for 2017

XT660Z Tenere and XJR1300 won’t feature in Yamaha’s 2017 range
Yamaha to discontinue two models for 2017

YAMAHA will discontinue the XT660Z Tenere and XJR1300 at the end of the year.

The XJR1300 can trace its roots back 20 years to the XJR1200 launched in 1995 and although it was updated just last year, Yamaha has decided to drop it form the range because it won’t be making it Euro4 compliant.

The XT660Z Tenere is being discontinued for the same reason. The big muscle bike shaped hole left by the XJR might not be immediately filled, but the middleweight Tenere’s demise adds weight to our speculation that it’s likely to be replaced by the MT-07-engined adventure bike we spied testing in Italy in April – possibly called the XT700Z Tenere.

The XT660Z Tenere is also being discontinued

Yamaha is currently evaluating all its non-Euro4 complaint bikes. In deciding whether to make an engine meet Euro4 emissions and noise standard, the main considerations are whether it can be done, how much it will add to the cost of the bike and whether it will suffer in terms of performance.

Although these bikes won’t be listed on Yamaha’s site come next year, residual dealer stock means that you may still be able to pick them up new.