'Record breaking' wheelie on Auckland bridge annoys feds

New Zealand police are reportedly investigating the stunt

IT'S HARD enough to wheelie a Harley, and holding the front wheel aloft for his distance is just downright impressive. 

But the biker who was filmed performing the 'world first' wheelie across the span of Auckland's Harbour Bridge (roughly 1km) has reportedly found himself in hot water for the 'reckless and dangerous' act.

The video was recently posted to Instagram account jos_bike_lifestyle, claiming to be a 'world first'. The Harley is seen wheelieing for a minute in the inside lane of the eight lane motorway, while the filming vehicle follows in the outside lane.

However, as impressive as the stunt is, it appears the police were less than impressed. 

Sergeant Richard Byrne from the Waitemata police told New Zealand press that the act could have had "fatal consequences".

"The behaviour of this motorcyclist shows a complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others," he said.

"Police are very concerned about this sort of behaviour and will be making enquiries into this incident."

Auckland Transport operations manager Rua Paul called the trick "reckless and dangerous", adding that "it poses a huge safety risk for the motorcyclist and all other road users."