Is the Rainpal the ultimate accessory for British riders?

Finally, a visor wiper and anti-ageing product in one

RIDING in the rain isn’t the best thing about life on two wheels; lowered grip levels require more finesse, forward planning and concentration. On top of all that, you’ve got to deal with getting cold and wet, and trying to see the road through a rain spattered visor.

And of course worst of all, there are the ageing effects of having a cold and potentially moist or dry and cracked face.

Fear not though, because British company Rainpal has got you covered. It says its £49 visor wiper can eliminate the problem of a rain spattered visor, and that it may also combat potential ageing as a consequence of having a cold, dry face.

You read about the rest of Rainpal's key features on its website but it attaches to the top of your visor with clamps and suction pads. Rainpal says its product cannot detach from the visor during use. It also claims the device can be attached and detached in about two seconds, and that it creates a watertight seal between the visor and the helmet.

The 2mm thick rubber wiper has adjustable speeds and is operated with bar-mounted switches. It’s even got a visor clean function, so riders can push a button to squirt water onto their visors and before the wiper dries everything off, just like a car.

It’s USB chargeable, can be used with pinlocks, weighs 150g and give a claimed 140 degrees of moisture free ocular pleasure.

Currently it’s only available to order directly from Rainpal, but we think they’re missing a trick not getting it stocked in Boots, right next to the Nivea.

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