Petition raised as Cornwall airfield's motorcycling activities put under threat

Motoring activities at Perranporth Airfield in Cornwall, including off-road motorcycle training, are set to be cancelled due to noise complaints.

Perranporth Airfield. - Gemma Viles/
Perranporth Airfield. - Gemma Viles/

Motoring-related activities have been ordered to stop at Perranporth Airfield in Cornwall due to noise complaints by local residents.

Located right on the cliffs of the northern coast of Cornwall, Perranporth Airfield was home to 18 different RAF squadrons in the Second World War. In 2023, it works primarily as an active airfield, offering flying lessons among other things. But in addition to its flight-based activities, it also hosts track driving sessions and driver tuition, as well as off-road motorcycle training.

Perranporth Airfield. - Perranporth Airfield
Perranporth Airfield. - Perranporth Airfield

Credit: Perranporth Airfield

However, noise complaints from local residents have led to the local council ordering the ceasing of motoring activities on the site.

A petition has been raised on attempting to reverse the decision of the council by demonstrating that there is more support for the airfield’s motoring activities than opposition to them. 

Posted on 7 August 2023, the petition says that there is until 28 August 2023 to formally object to the notice from the council. Additionally, it says that the motoring activities of the site bring helpful income outside of the area’s peak tourism times, and attract “enthusiasts and hobbyists” to Perranporth from outside the area.

The notice from the council to cease motoring activities at Perranporth Airfield comes after concerns over noise were raised in objection to a proposed four-day music festival at the same location. The festival was cancelled as a result of the concerns raised by 64 people, the BBC reported in January.

Head to the petition’s page to sign it. At the time of writing, one day after it was raised, the petition has 6,095 signatures.

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