New Benelli 900cc parallel-twin patented by QJ Motor - and it looks familiar…

A new patent has emerged for a new 900cc parallel-twin to be used by Benelli, and the QJ Motor design looks eerily similar to the KTM LC8c.

QJ Motor engine patent for potential Benelli TNT 900cc

QJ Motor has patented a new parallel-twin 900cc unit that appears could be used in a new range of Benelli motorcycles - with hints at a TNT 899 being on the way in the future.

But the Chinese super-manufacturer appears to have taken inspiration from the KTM LC8c parallel-twin motor. Compare images of the two and they seem nigh on indistinguishable from one another, so much so, you wonder if there has been a collaboration of sorts. 

Unlikely, as Motorrad explains that CF Moto will already have a licence to use the LC8c in its machines….

So, if QJ Motor has just got the tracing paper out, they were seeking to replicate a seriously popular twin found in (for example) the KTM 790 Adventure & Adventure R, one that they know would do the job in a new TNT. 

A clue to the TNT possibility is on the engine patent itself - you can see the ‘TNT’ logo on the cylinder cover.

Listed in patent documents under ‘QJ288MW’, eagle-eyed readers may be able to dissect this as a hint to the characteristics of the motor. QJ = QJ Motor. 2 = number of cylinders. 88 = bore, as the LC8c has an 88mm bore, again pointing to the homage being paid by this patent. MW = your guess is as good as mine. 

A little more stroke, or a slightly larger bore, and we find ourselves looking at a patent for a possible 900cc motor following the listed ingredients for an LC8c recipe.

Is the Benelli TNT 900 on the way?

If the patent stays true to the possible inspiration, that means a 900cc Benelli TNT with around 95bhp could be on the way, and with the Chinese rendition of an LC8c, this could prove a budget alternative with serious bravado. 

In any case, the emergence of this motor patent does draw attention to the possibility for a new Benelli TNT to compete in the middleweight market, and at a budget.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a reveal or announcement which could be on the cards for 2022.

Source: Motorrad, KTM

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