Is Michael Dunlop switching to four-wheels?

TT race legend Michael Dunlop has tweeted a picture sat on a chair at a track wearing a fireproof motorsports suit

Micheal Dunlop Tarmac Rally

TT RACER Michael Dunlop has tweeted a picture of himself sat on a director’s chair at what looks like a racing circuit wearing a fireproof motorsport overall today.

The tweet is accompanied by a caption that reads: ‘It’s a game changer this weekend 4 wheels testing’.

It’s no secret that Michael is a fan of tarmac rallies and owns a rally spec Ford Escort MKII. He even finished 18th out of 75 starters in last year’s Donegal International Rally in torrid conditions. Could he be about to compete in the same event again – or is there more to this tweet than meets the eye?

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