Comanchero gang raids: Gold Harley amongst assets frozen by police

Police raid the Comancheros motorcycle gang president’s properties, seizing and freezing over $3.7 million worth of assets.

Gold Harley-Davidson

In April police in Auckland, New Zealand, conducted raids across multiple properties owned by the Comanchero’s motorcycle gang president and his associates according to

The raid which involved 80 police officers (some armed) resulted in the arrest of 6 people and the seizure of nearly four million dollars worth of assets, which has now been frozen.

The seized property included:  

  • Two properties (worth over $2 million)

  • One Rolls Royce

  • Five Harley-Davidsons

  • Three Range Rovers

  • A gold necklace (worth over $9,000)

  • Louis Vuitton Suitcases (worth $13,000)

  • A Loaded Pistol

  • Plus $100,000 in cash

And people say crime doesn’t pay…

However, if police can prove the seized property is tainted or obtained through serious crime, then under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act they can have property forfeited. Which basically means a gold turbocharged Harley-Davidson could be up for grabs, I just wonder who’s brave enough to buy it?

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Like something straight out of Sons of Anarchy, NZ police believes the Comanchero motorcycle gang has profited from supplying Methamphetamine and cocaine, with an official signee stating they plan to sell the frozen assets to ensure they don’t lose their value.

If you fancy yourself a Turbocharged Harley owned by a motorcycle gang then be sure to get yourself over to Auckland. And maybe grab a super dope gold chain whilst you’re there.