Members of the public prevent bike-jacking in Sutton

Man and a woman help stop aggressive thieves

BRAVE members of the public have rushed to the aid of a motorcyclist who was trying to stop two men from stealing his bike in Sutton, South London.

Footage on YouTube shows the owner of the bike, in the red and black jacket, wrestling with the thief who is trying to make off.

The owner gets punched in the face by the thug, sending his visor flying, as another would-be thief pushes away a lady who steps in to try and help.

Eventually the pair of lowlifes give up and make a getaway on the back of another no doubt stolen scooter.

The incident was filmed out of a window by a nearby witness

The victim’s bike gets thrown to the ground in the tussle, but to our eyes he looks understandably shaken by the experience, which is becoming increasingly common in London as thieves look to steal bikes to use for criminal activity – which is why the police are considering using tougher tactics against gangs on scooters.