London’s scooter crime epidemic

Over 11,000 incidents last year including robberies and acid attacks

SCOOTER gangs strike more than once an hour in London, with 11,000 incidents including robberies and acid attacks recorded last year, new figures show.

A total of 11,389 incidents took place in 2016, an average of 31 a day, according to figures revealed by the The Daily Mail.

Police in Bloomsbury, one of the areas worst hit, have released a map showing the locations of 20 mobile phone thefts by muggers on scooters or cycles within a week.

The news comes as the Metropolitan Police released CCTV footage of a tourist being mowed down by scooter-mounted robbers in central London.



The 30-year-old man was surrounded by eight robbers on four scooters as he walked along Park Lane at 3.10am on Sunday April 30.

The video shows the robbers riding on the pavement and chasing the man in an attempt to snatch his watch.

The man attempts to run but moments later is struck by one of the scooters.

Despite suffered a broken leg, he manages to crawl away from the robbers, who leave empty-handed.

Reports also emerged at the weekend of scooter-mounted robbers wielding a hammer and crowbar while targeting pedestrians in the West End.

The four thieves were seen targetting pedestrians in Langham Street, near the entrance of the BBC Radio 1 studio.

Pictures of another pair of hammer-wielding scooter riders in Belsize Park were posted online the same day.

The pair ‘waved a hammer’ about while using an angle grinder in an attempted theft of another scooter, according to a witness.

Alex Pride, who posted the pictures online, said canvassers from political parties were knocking on doors across the road at the time and police took 32 minutes to attend after two 999 calls.

Scotland Yard said yesterday that officers investigating 'moped-enabled robberies' had arrested three males ages 15, 16 and 17.

Visordown recently reported how a scooter-riding thief led police on a chase the wrong way up the motorway after he and an accomplice stole 18 phones in a single afternoon in London.

In separate incidents, scooter riders were filmed snatching a phone and spraying pedestrians with a fire extinguisher


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