Honda RC213V-S becomes the most expensive Japanese motorcycle at auction!

Selling for £177,035.59 on October 31st 2021, the Honda RC213V-S becomes the most expensive Japanese bike sold at auction. 

Honda RC213V-S sets new auction record for Japanese motorcycles

Becoming the most expensive Japanese motorcycle sold at auction ever, the Honda RC213V-S is the MotoGP-spec bike that can be ridden on the road - if you have pockets deep enough. 

On the 31st of October 2021, the 1-of-213 machine (this one listed as number 58 from 2016) was put on the auction block in a Japanese Bingo & Yahoo! Auction for a cool JPY 27,100,000 (including tax), or £177,035.59 in today’s exchange rate. 

The previous record for a Japanese motorcycle at auction was held by a 1-of-4 Honda CB750 Prototype (1968) for around £164,282.05, or JPY 25,132,935.84. 

Being hand-crafted to an exact MotoGP replica standard has almost guaranteed these machines going up in value over the next years, and it’s said that Marc Marquez was making use of the model during his post-injury training as the spec is so similar. 

This particular model comes with the Sports kit included and in the HRC Tricolour, 191 km on the clock, and around 212 bhp at your fingertips - yet it is designated for ‘road use’ with lights, indicators and plate holder. I think you’d be absolutely mental to ride one of these as a daily, or just very rich. 

Honda RC213V-S sets new record for Japanese motorcycles at auction

However, Honda does say that this machine was built on the philosophy that "a truly fast machine is easy for anyone to ride”. I’d love to put that to the test…

It’s an absolutely stunning model, it has to be said, and I’d love to know what the plans are for this one. Motorcycles are made to be ridden, but I can’t help but wince at the thought of binning this on turn 1 at your local track day. Ouch.

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