This Honda NC30 is the rev-happy, low-mileage pocket rocket of our dreams

Got a spare few quid (or dollars) lying around? How about investing it in this rev-happy, gorgeous Honda NC30 / Honda VFR400?

Honda VFR400R

Trawling auction sites has become something of a favourite past-time of ours, you know just seeing what was out there if we happened to win on the lottery or the boss accidentally adds another ‘0’ onto our pay check…

We’ve run a few weird and wonderful examples over the past year but there is nothing weird about this one. Wonderful, however, now that it definitely is…

The Honda RC30  is one of the most regularly identified motorcycles offered when we ask ‘what is the most iconic motorcycle’ of all-time, so when a pristine version appears ready to find a forever home, we can’t help but looked down the back of the sofa for some spare change.

This, however, is something a little more compact and a touch more diverse, then how about a rarer, more modest example with all of the desirability of its bigger sportsbike brother but perhaps a little less growling?

This is the Honda NC30 - or VFR400 as it would also like to be known - a big bang 399cc V4-engined racer that was primarily sold only in Asia, even if a few importers managed to get a few over into Europe. In short, it’s the small but mighty little sportsbike that could.

Punching well above its power to weight ratio, top speed will shirek at 130mph and it will sing all the way up to 14,500rpm.

This example has a mere 18,312 miles on the clock and is in fine condition, wearing its synonymous white, red and blue paintwork and gold-tinged wheels with flair. Innovative for its time TRAC (Torque Reactive Anti-Dive Control) helps keep those revs in check and the seller promises it rides like a dream.

It has been used and it has had a few updates along the way to fend off the vestiges of time, but has a modest bid of $9,000 pinned to it at the time of writing. This is being sold in the US (weep) but if you happen to know a good freight transporter, we’re listening…