Forget airbrushing or hydro-dipping – Fabric wrap is where it’s at

Yamaha have release pictures of an SR400 wearing Hideaki Shikama designed ‘clothes’

YAMAHA have teamed up with Japanese clothing designer, Hideaki Shikama, to come up with an innovative clothing range that can be worn by the rider and also by the motorcycle!

The idea is to express ‘the joy rider-machine unity can bring and the love owners feel for their motorcycle as a faithful partner.’ – alrighty then!

The "clothing" he designed for the SR models - fuel tank, seat, fenders, tyres and more - can also be worn by the rider as a military-style backpack.

Shikama said: “I felt a strong affinity with Yamaha's Monozukuri ideal (creating products with an emphasis on craftsmanship and excellence) that values how people feel and sense things more than numbers. Particularly, Yamaha believes that when a person and machine 'become one' and are able to 'communicate' that there's a joy created from that relationship, and that's something I found really special. I think that's also how it should be for clothes and the people who wear them.

I think I’ll stick to the Jacamo website, but thanks anyway!

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