Confusing Ford Versace Motorcycle Jacket costs $6,650

After a couple of collaborations, Ford and Versace have once more teamed up to create a motorcycle ‘style’ leather jacket; And it’s really quite odd.

Ford Versace motorcycle jacket

As I sit here in beige chinos, and leather boat shoes purchased from M&S, I’m not the best person to pass judgement on what's fashionable and unfashionable. But, Ford and Versace’s latest leather motorcycle jacket collaboration is certainly, interesting…

Despite Ford being an American car company, Versace took it upon themselves to add a two-toned biker jacket to their collection. Other pieces within the same range include; a silver necklace; black hoodie;  and an all-over print shirt with jeans to match (very interesting). 

The 100% leather jacket, tailored in Italy, will set you back a cool $6,650. And for (any) bikers looking to wear it, I’m pretty sure it’s not CE approved. According to the Versace’s collaboration with motor company Ford was inspired by ‘the excitement of buying your first car’ and they utilise the signature Ford logo to reflect emotions of joy and thrill.

So, feel the excitement of buying your first car by wearing a Ford leather motorcycle jacket. I’m not the only one who slightly confused here, surely? 

The jacket has various patches including Versace lettering along the sleeve and chest (just in case people don’t know you’re a baller). Other emblems spell out “SOUNDS LIKE BULLSH*T TO ME” and “I’M MAD ABOUT VERSACE”.

If you want to be a walking advert for Ford then grab the 100% cotton jeans and shirt to match, for that complete Ford (biker) look...

In total, the jacket, shirt and jeans will set you back around $8770. Bargain, right? 

What do you think of the new Ford Versace motorcycle-style jacket? 

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