Undercover cop on an electric motorcycle nabbing naughty drivers

West Midlands Police have recently launched an undercover operation to imrpove motorcyclist safety using undercover cops on quiet electric motorcycles

Police stopping driver

Raise your hand if you've been bullied on the road? Well, it looks like bad drivers who endanger and bully motorcyclists are getting some karma.

The safety initiative involves a plainclothes officer on an undercover electric motorcycle which has a camera strapped to it. Not exactly revolutionary, but it certainly seems to be doing the trick for West Midlands Police. 

Before you watch the video, the music is really trippy so you may want to mute it.

The officer patrols the streets monitoring the roads and collects footage of any bad behaviour. If a drivers behaviour is deemed to endanger the life of the officer then they can face prosecution, or at the very least, a firm talking to.  

This operation is aimed to crack down on drivers who put bikers lives at risk through reckless actions. But if any bikers misbehave they can expect the same treatment; although only one has been caught so far.  

In the two weeks that the trial operation has been in effect, it has captured drivers overtaking the officer too close and dangerously pulling out at junctions - which if the officer wasn’t aware would have caused a crash.

A grand total of 84 drivers have been stopped for ‘endangering a motorcyclist’ and some are in the process of being prosecuted for offences ranging from dangerous driving to driving without due care and attention; or warned and educated about their behaviour. 

Last year there were 349 fatalities involving motorcyclists across the UK, and this operation is an attempt to reduce that number. 

Sergeant Jon Butler told the Express & Star: "A motorbike is a popular form of transport and just because it’s on two wheels doesn’t make it any less viable as a car, van or lorry.

“The vast majority of motorcyclists are law-abiding and deserve the same respect as all others on the road; but as we have seen already they are being put at danger by reckless drivers.

“This new operation with an officer on an unmarked electric motorbike enables us to observe actions on the roads and take action where appropriate. It’s not just about enforcement but educating road users about the need to be aware of who is around them and how their actions can put others at risk.

“Ultimately, we want to keep people safe and reduce serious collisions in the West Midlands."

What are your thoughts on the operation? Is it a good idea or not?