Cadwell Park: Bespoke BSB BMW course cars stolen overnight from circuit

Two BMWs with a combined value of around £100,000 are stolen from the popular UK circuit at 00:15 Tuesday morning: Police are appealing for information.

Cadwell Park BMW course cars stolen

CADWELL PARK owner MSV have appealed for information about the theft of two BMWs early Tuesday morning, when their medical and safety cars were stolen from the track amongst other damage.

It is reported that the BMW M240i safety car & BMW X5 medical car, along with maintenance equipment, was stolen from the track with their whereabouts still a mystery. The circuit office TV and security systems were also damaged, so it seems this was a highly targeted and rigorously planned attack.

The combined value of the two cars is thought to be around £100,000, add on to that figure the repairs for damages and lost equipment, and Cadwell Park could be looking at a hefty some to replace the stolen property. Add to that the already lost revenue over the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this theft becomes even more vile.

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MSV, the owners of Cadwell Park, are working with Lincolnshire Police to investigate the incident, and are appealing to the public for any information.

Giles Butterfield, MSV’s operations manager, was quoted:

"Even though they were stolen at 1am in the morning it seems incredible that someone won't have seen them being driven and they are reasonably easy to spot, they are not just anonymous vehicles, sign written on the side, lights on the roof. Hopefully either technology or people's power of observation will help us track them down quickly.

"The office has been ransacked, a lot of the IT kit has been destroyed in an effort to disable alarms and CCTV so we've got a bit of clearing up to do and a bit of damage to repair as well. Some other maintenance equipment has been stolen too. It leaves a pretty bad taste to be honest.

"Right now if we can ask people to be vigilant and keep their eyes open that would be fantastic. As has been evident by the comments on social media so far, everyone is pretty horrified by what's happened and hopefully we can get the vehicles back."

Cadwell Park are asking for leads to go to Lincolnshire Police by dialing 101

We all know Cadwell Park as a well loved historic UK racing circuit in Louth, Lincolnshire, with history going back decades to 1934. The circuit is, of course, massively popular with the Bennetts British Superbike Championship crowd, and is a destination for fans to congregate at the Mountain to see their favourite motorcycles (or even scooters - the BSSO Scooter Championship also race there) lift off the ground.

Cadwell Park have asked that anyone with any information regarding the stolen vehicles contact 101, quoting reference 5 of 26th January 2021, or emailing with that same reference.