Become a bike journalist - Bridgestone style

Think you could do a better job? Then here's your chance to shine

You could become the next bike journo

THESE MOTORCYCLE journalists, they know nothing, right? Bet you could do better without breaking sweat - bunch of bozz-eyed lilly-livered knobs, aint they?

Well, here's your chance to put your words and skills where you mouth is and get to report on a MotoGP race as part of a new competition launched by tyre giant Bridgestone.

The company has launched its latest edition of the Bridgestone e-reporter competition, this year open to European students, with the chance for eleven finalists to cover a MotoGP or GP2 event this year.
European Students (in part-time or full-time education, on any educational course) aged 18-30 can earn their shot at reporting by demonstrating the journalistic flair required to write a newsworthy story and develop interview questions.

Owing to the international panel of judges overseeing the competition, entries can be submitted in either English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese but not Welsh.

Sharpen up those pencils and let's see you out there!