Banned for a wheelie but where are the police the rest of the time?

The biker, who pulled a wheelie on a roundabout in Scotland, has been banned for six months and fined £450

Wheelie Round about

The image above shows the Google Streetview of the roundabout

Wheelies, they aren’t big or clever. But they are fun. And if don’t in the right manner, and location can be a fairly safe activity! Okay, so as reported in the East Lothian Courier, this rider may have gone slightly OTT by continuing to travel around the roundabout while still on his back wheel... Yeah, I’d say that’s borderline dangerous, but who am I to judge!

The reason I’m mentioning the incident is that this guy didn’t hurt anyone, it’s not reported that any licence or other documentation wasn’t in place. Yet he’s been investigated by the police, hauled in court and slapped with a £450 fine a six-month ban.

What doesn’t quite sit right with me is the response you get from the police should your bike get pinched. I had a bike go in January a few years back and all I got was the obligatory crime number and a remark that they didn’t have the time or resource to come out and assist or even look at the scene of the theft.

So that’s £4500 or brand-new KTM gone, an Abus Granite lock destroyed, and nothing is done by the police or authorities other than dishing out a number that passes the whole mess over to become the problem of the insurance industry.

Can’t help thinking if they’d have put in as much effort as they did in the case of the Mr. Wheelie Man, I might have seen my bike again!

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