450bhp Suzuki B-King Turbo

Purveyors of excess horsepower, Big CC have squeezed a healthy 450bhp from the B-King's not exactly underpowered Hayabusa-derived lump

Big CC's B-King ... 450bhp, 6th sense not included

SUZUKI'S B-King hasn't been the sales success we thought it would be when we first saw the supercharged conept bike. But motorcycle tuning firm, Big CC have smartened up its act.

Their modular turbo system helps the 1300cc lump kick out a healthy 250 to 260bhp at 6psi & can be upgraded to in excess of 450bhp with bigger injectors.

If you've got a B-King, a touch over £4000, and a decent life insurance policy; give Big CC a call.