2008 Triumph Speed Triple video

Jon Urry sends us an onboard shot of Triumph's revised headbanger

Well I’ve just got off Triumph’s new 2008 Speed Triple and as you would expect it doesn’t feel a million miles from the current 2007 bike.

The new wheels look fantastic and I reckon do a very slight job of speeding up the steering, but nothing to really write home about. The seat seems a bit more comfortable and pillions are certainly better catered for, but that isn’t exactly hard considering the 2007 bike’s pathetic excuse for a pillion seat.

The biggest difference is the new Brembo brakes, which when combined with the radial master cylinder feel like they have a much sharper initial bite than before. I have a real soft spot for the Speed Triple, and this update has slightly improved an already excellent bike.

It still wheelies like a git and in the new orange colour with cool wheels looks even better than before. Nice job Triumph, but can we please have a side stand that you can actually get near and a gear indicator in the next update? Ta.