‘Don’t move near a track if you can't put up with the noise’

Petitions says people who move near a circuit should lose right to complain

ANYONE who buys or rents a property near a motorsport venue should forfeit any right to make a noise complaint about it, according to a petition.

The petition, which has gained over 10,000 signatures in less than a week, says people who move close to circuits and then complain about them are damaging the UK’s motorsports heritage.

It says: ‘It is extremely detrimental to the UK's motorsport heritage, when all the motorsport venues start disappearing. Motorsport and the associated mechanical/engineering business is a key British export and second to none in the world of motorsports.

‘As such, anyone who wishes to buy or rent a property within a determined distance of a motorsport venue should have to read and sign legislature that waives their right to complain about the noise from the nearby venue. If they do not wish to be bothered by something that was a fixture of the community long before they arrived, they should not move there in the first place.’

If the petition attracts more than 100,000 signature it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

Find it here.

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