‘Leave Foggy’s arse alone’ warns Michaela Fogarty

Bromance sees ‘#Joggy’ trending on Twitter

MICHAELA Fogarty has warned Jimmy Bullard not to interfere with her husband’s rear after the pair were seen cuddling on TV’s I’m a Celebrity.

Carl Fogarty’s wife issued her warning on Twitter after former football star Bullard was shown with his hand apparently on the WSBK legend’s bottom.  

Gossip about the so-called bromance between Bullard and Foggy has been trending on Twitter, where the pair are referred to as ‘#Joggy’. Their jungle antics have included kissing, hugging and hair-stroking, and seen Foggy poke Bullard’s bare bum with a stick.

After they embraced in a hammock, Michaela Tweeted: ‘Cuddles are exclusive to me only @jimmybullard and leave @carlfogarty arse alone please #Joggy.’

A follower replied: ‘Mrs Foggy! I'd worry! He was all over that arse! REAL bromance!!’

The bromance is said to have cooled after Foggy told Bullard to ‘man up’ in the insect-filled ‘Shed of Dread’, but the best moments have been compiled in a YouTube video.

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