Top 10 places you’re most likely to pass your bike test…

…And the 10 where you’re most likely to fail.

PASSING your bike test should really come down to the simple ability to handle a motorcycle and understand how to use the roads. But unsurprisingly there’s actually a vast difference from area to area in percentages of students who actually pass their tests.

Fortunately, the Government publishes all the data for us to sift through, so we can bring a definitive list of which test centres are the happiest to hand out passes. Not to mention those that are the toughest to ride away from with your L-plates ripped up.

We’re specifically looking at the Module 2, on-road riding section of the test here. For reference, the national average is a 71% pass rate, with 33,554 Module 2 tests passed from 47,256 attempted.

First up, here are the top 10 places with highest pass rates.

1: Lerwick: 95.8% pass rate

Moving to the Shetland Island might be a bit of an extreme measure to take to ensure you pass your test. For most people we’d suggest that trying a bit harder is probably easier than upping sticks and heading for the most northerly point of the British Isles. But if you happen to live there already, you’re in luck – the Lerwick test centre had the highest pass rate in the UK in 2017/18. Admittedly, only 24 people took tests there, but 23 passed. If you’re the one who didn’t pass, you have our commiserations…

 2: Peterhead: 92.3% pass rate

Peterhead isn’t quite as far to travel as Lerwick. It might be in Aberdeenshire, but at least it’s on the same land mass as most of us. Just 17 people took there Module 2 tests there in 2017/18, and 16 of them passed to give a 92.3% pass rate. That’s a pretty good average.


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