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Motorcycle Track Guide: Cartagena

There are many reasons to visit one of Spain’s top circuits. The track is a 600’s dream with more twists and turns than a mountain pass

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Submitted by Niall Mackenzie on Thu, 22/07/2010 - 10:46

Motorcycle Track Guide: Cartagena

There might not be a whole lot of top level racing occurring over the year at Cartagena but this is still one of the busiest and most popular tracks in Europe. British race teams love to test here pre-season in the (usually) warm and settled weather. Almeria can get chilly and at Guadix and Albacete you might even see some of the white stuff. Cartagena is also a great track for setting-up bikes as with around 14 tricky low-speed corners, three medium-speed corners, some good high-speed braking and a decent length of start/finish straight. The surface is first rate with very few bumps as it gently rises and falls round a bowl in what looks very much like a massive disused quarry.

Few Brits have ever raced at Cartagena. However, it’s been popular since 1997 and although the layout has changed very little, the circuit is well maintained with plenty of run-off. It also has decent garages, showers and a great café so spending three or four days here is a fairly civilised experience. Riding the track is very physical. You’ll only get a decent breather on the start/finish straight and it’s important to build up slowly, pace yourself and keep well hydrated. Don’t be afraid sit out the last session as quite often this is when tired riders make costly mistakes.

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