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Motorcycle Track Guide: Snetterton

Master Sear corner and Coram Curve as Niall gives a guided tour of Snetterton

Niall Mackenzie's picture
Submitted by Niall Mackenzie on Thu, 22/07/2010 - 09:17

Motorcycle Track Guide: Snetterton

Some people complain that Snetterton is simply a case of riding up one way then down another, but I disagree. Sure it’s virtually flat and pretty featureless but I still believe there’s fun to be had and riding skills to be learned.

I’m proud to claim I’ve won in every class I’ve entered there (Pro-Am, 250, 350, Superbike and Sunday market guess-the-weight-of-the-joint) but I reckon my most infamous moment was taking Steve Hislop out on the last lap of the 1998 BSB race. He was my Cadbury’s Boost Yamaha team-mate at the time and giving boss Rob Mac a 3rd and a 4th when it was an easy 1st and 2nd didn’t make me too popular.

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