Can I have a small number plate?

Am I breaking the law with a small aftermarket plate?

Which number plate laws apply to motorcycles and scooters?

Number Plates must be easy to read and meet the British Standard.
Lettering should be black on a yellow plate at the rear.
The background surface should be reflex-reflecting but the characters must not.
You must not alter, rearrange or misrepresent the letters or numbers.
Characters must not be moved from one group to the other (e.g. A242 ABC must not be displayed as A242A BC).

What size does my number plate have to be?

  • Character Height                              64mm
  • Character Width                               44mm
  • Character Stroke                             10mm
  • Space between characters                10mm
  • Space between groups                     30mm
  • Top, side & bottom margin                11mm
  • Space between vertical lines             13mm

Do I have to use a two-line number plate?

Motorcycles registered on or after 1 September 2001 must display a two-line number plate. Motorcycles registered prior to the 1 September 2001 may display a three-line plate. One-line plates are illegal, irrespective of the date of registration of the motorcycle.

Will I be fined if I dont abide by these rules?

Offences may result in a fine of up to £1000, the registration plate being withdraw and the vehicle may fail the MOT test, or all three combined.