Video: How not to take revenge

The rider looks really annoyed. He will be now

WE bet this rider is wishing he’d taken a deep breath and counted to 10 instead of losing his temper with a car driver.

Video shows the moment the motorcyclist lashed out with his leg at a Ford Fiesta, only to catch his foot the car’s wing mirror and go tumbling off his bike.

The rider, in São Paulo, Brazil, is seen getting up afterwards and picking up his damaged bike. He may have needed treatment for injured pride.

The YouTube user who posted the video online writes: ‘In São Paulo, the car accidentally drifted a little to the right lane. The biker started cursing heavily, making a huge fuss… Not being enough, he stopped the bike and I knew it was coming. So I started recording. Here is the result. After that, the car was stopped by a police car nearby. The rest I don't know.’