Five tips for saving fuel

For end-of-the-month budget-stretching riding

By Alan Dowds

OKAY, none of us got into bikes to save cash. But sometimes you want to cut costs a bit, and just get to the next payday without splashing another £20 on a tank of gas. Saving petrol sounds dull as hell, but sometimes it makes a load of sense. On a daily commute, you just want to get to work, and a few tweaks to your riding style can add up to a big saving. Here's how to get to the end of the month for less.

1. Set a lower max speed

On motorways and the like, most of us have a 'natural' speed we sit at. Maybe an indicated77mph (probably safe against speed cameras). Maybe faster. But bikes quickly get rubbish on fuel at speeds much over about 60mph. That's where aerodynamic forces become the dominant factor, and bikes are aerodynamically dreadful. Every mph you can sit closer to 60 will give a decent increase in MPG, and the difference in short-to-medium journey times is often negligible.




No mention of tyre pressures or free brake caliper operation or chain maintenance or light weight sprockets.

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